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Your chance to be a pro soccer player

Pro Soccer Chance gives you the opportunity to live an educational experience in the world of football. If you are young and football is your passion, get ready to live an educational and exciting experience with our Soccer Experiences. If you have the ambition to become a professional footballer, don't miss our Soccer Programs.

Are you the one we are looking for?

Whether you are an amateur or recreational or already a professional footballer, it doesn't matter. Your motivations and expectations matter and we will be happy to know and explore them. Our goal is to offer you the best life experience for you and/or build together your career.

You have the right standing for our Soccer Experiences if you are between 15 and 26 years old and fall into one of these categories:



You are a professional and you want to test yourself in a professional club.



You are an amateur and you want to show off and improve to become a professional.



You are a recreational player and you want to live the most exciting experience of your life.

Football is not just a game with a ball, but a field of growth where values such as discipline, teamwork and determination come together to shape characters and transform young talents into leaders

Our three steps orientation path

Football is the most beautiful sport in the world, but it is also a complex system and it’s extremely difficult to find a way to enter in this world. Pro Soccer Chance offers you orientation activities, aiming to give you the most exciting and productive Soccer Experiences and Soccer Programs for your life as a footballer and beyond.


Fill out our test by answering the questions. It’s crucial to understand if your profile is correct.


Tell us your history in football, your expectations and motivations.


After the test and the interview, we will be able to offer you the soccer experience, and also other valuable services that we will consider most in line with your profile.

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What's next?

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Soccer program

They are paid programs which allow you to play a season (or less) as a footballer within the academies or youth teams of professional and amateur clubs. You’ll improve as a player, show off yourself and boost your career.

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pro soccer chance experience

Soccer experience

They are paid life experiences that allow you to discover a new culture, a new language and people from all over the world while practicing the most beautiful sport in the world: football.

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Our network

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Assist sport management

Thanks to the collaboration with Assist Sport Management - a company specializing in football intermediation - we boast a decades-long network of professionals that allows us to offer you the best soccer experiences and valuable services to access to the world of professionalism.

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